Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I forgot how to knit

Sort of, but not really.

I was super busy at work for the last three weeks, so I had no time to knit. I was only getting an hour or so in on Sundays; aside from that, I was working or sleeping. I'd say "or eating" but the eating was all done while working, so it was still considered working.

OK, I bathed, too. That's about it.

So, yeah, the knitting. I have been trying to knit this shirt for T for a long-ass time, and I just keep making mistakes over and over again—stupid mistakes, leaving out steps. I have had to start over again four times already, and I'm a bit frustrated with it. It's a pretty simple pattern, but, for some reason, I just keep forking it up. So, I have set it aside and will work on it when I have a more clear head about it.

So, I started a sock! I've never knit a sock before and I am told that it is pretty simple if you just follow the instructions—just a few new techniques to learn. These are techniques I will be able to use in the future, so it's good to learn them sometime. The great part is, I already know kitchener stitch, so that's one down.

Right now I am just on the cuff, so nothing tough. I already know how to knit on two circular needles, and I like to do so, so this part is easy and fun. I got some very soft bamboo yarn that I am in love with now. Seriously, it's the softest yarn I have felt yet. I had no idea you could make such a nice and soft yarn out of bamboo.

I can't stop buying CDs. I have a problem. It seems like everyone has just put out a new CD: Tool, Bruce Springsteen, Dresden Dolls, The Flaming Lips, Pearl Jam, Rainer Maria. I'm happy, but, geez, I'm breaking the bank.

Then, this guy at work tells me about this which is soooo just the shit. So, that comes out today. *sigh* What else? The Dr. Katz first season DVD comes out today. God damnit, I'm not made of money. I did, however, get a fatty fat tax refund check. But I really need to control my spending. grrrrr.

So the man and I are planning on going out to Red Rocks to see a show later this summer. I really want to see Ben Harper. That one's in August. There's a 311 show on July 28 and a Ween/Flaming Lips show on July 29. I'm really tempted to go for that and see both of those. I have not yet seen the Flaming Lips in concert and I am dying to. I just saw Ween a few weeks ago and it was spectacular.

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heatherfeather said...

if i'm still in denver when you are we'll grab a beer, yes?