Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I fail as a flickr fictioner

So, hey there, bloggerworld. I have to confess that I am an idiot. There's this awesome Flickr Fiction thing, where you get a picture and have to write a little piece of fiction inspired by it. It's a creation of TheGurrier and is a wicked-fun game. Anyway, I am usually really good at following directions, but this time I flaked supremely.

The first week I was supposed to participate, I was sick, so I didn't. The second week I was supposed to participate, I wrote on the wrong picture. (I wrote on the pic that is scheduled for this Friday rather than the one scheduled for last.)

This post is an opportunity for me to apologize to those who do participate, since they all linked to my page thinking I'd have a story up. bleh. So, along with The Gurrier, I'd like to openly apologize to the following folks for making a liar out of ya when you linked to my page and said I was participating:

Chris Cope
and also to anyone who followed the link here and was disappointed by the lack of fiction and the wealth of dog makeup.

This time, man, I am ready. I get the concept, and if I fail again, I don't really derserve to play, now do I?


themachineghost said...

cool! i wanna do it! what do you do, email the dude to let him know you are participating?

littlegoat said...

Go to The Gurrier's website and ask him if you can join in.

Don't flake like I did, or I'll feel really bad. hehe.