Thursday, March 23, 2006

Of course

I don't have enough yarn to make the medium size either. hehe. I am an inch and a half past the joining of the sleeves to the body, and I have about 40 feet of yarn left. The pattern says I have at least six inches left to go. Six inches of a 224-stitch circumference piece. Oops! Either I heavily modify the top of this shirt, or I make the tippy-top portion a different color. Maybe this shirt is destined to be two colors. hehe.

I did see someone who modified the top of the shirt by doing some decreases and making it more of a normal shirt and less of an off-the-shoulder kind of thing. Maybe I can do something to that effect. I get the impression that I will need to put all of these stitches on waste yarn and put it on before I decide to modify the top. As long as my boobs are covered, I can start doing some decreasing, I think. I shuld have known this would happen.

Oddly, I'm not really very upset about it. Maybe it's because I have the hemp knitting waiting in the wings. Maybe it's because I'm having a good learning experience. *shrug*

Stitch holder, eh? Is that the thing that looks like a giant safety pin? I kind of wondered what that was for. I bought this kit in the beginning with two sets of needles and various other stuff that was completely foreign to me. I still don't know what some of that junk is. hehe.

So, there's another thing about the Tempting pattern that is irritating. The directions are wrong. Seriously. If you follow the directions as they are written, you end up with a weird piece of yarn running from front to back on the inside of each sleeve. I have gathered, from the knittyboard and from web surfing, that you must BREAK THE YARN before putting those 12 (or 14 or whatever) stitches from the sleeve onto waste yarn. You have to either do that or just knit the 12 stitches THEN placve them on waste yarn.

Of course, I didn't realize this until the problem had already occurred. I am winging it. I cut the offensive piece of yarn and knotted the hell out of it on front and back of each sleeve. I don't understand why the pattern has not been corrected on knitty, but it's pretty clear that the pattern, as written, yields unsatisfactory results. See here for a better explanation. meh.

Actually, I just had a thought. Since I am knitting on my Denise interchangables, I can make the circumference of what I am knitting very large. That means that I won't have to transfer to waste yarn to try it on. I can just make one gigantic set of circular needles. That's good news, because I didn't really want to mess with that.

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heatherfeather said...

i'm happy to identify the weirdo things in your knittin' kit.

yes, to the giant safety pin things.