Friday, March 10, 2006

Vegetables are good for you and so is knitting

I ate Futo Maki for lunch and now I want to dance. I had miso soup and salad with ginger dressing, too. It's the best lunch ever. I'm kind of hungry again, though. I got the four piece instead of the eight piece—bad move. They should make a six piece for me, because that would be just right. I can't finish the eight.

I wanna jump around, but I am stuck here.

Only. 30. more. minutes.


I'm making this and I have seven inches done. I have eight more inches before I get to do anyting other than knit 2 purl 2 rib. snoooooooooozzzzze. The yarn has some mohair in it. I don't think I like mohair. It's awfully fuzzy. At least it's not totally mohair. meh. It's soft, though, the yarn I'm using. It's Andean Silk. What's weak about this whole thing is that I have six skeins of it: 576 yards. The pattern calls for 588 yards. I did get gauge (ghost, that means that I am knitting the correct number of stitches per row and per inch to match the sizing in the pattern), so I figure I'm going to run a bit short. As you can see in the pattern, 6 skeins are required for both the medium and the large sizes. I am knitting the large, so, my guess is that I'm pretty much going to use all of that 6th skein.

So, here's the tricky part: what the fuck do I do to remedy this situation? I have some options.

  1. Just keep knitting and see how far I get in the pattern before I run out of yarn. Clapotis said it needed 3 hanks of Lorna's Laces, but everyone under the sun who knit it said they needed part of a 4th. I didn't even finish my 3rd. Then again, I didn't check gauge on that, because it's just a scarf and I don't care about gauge on it. A con to this option is that if I run out of this color yarn RIGHT before I finish, I am kind of screwed and will have to rip back and figure a new plan of action. Purchasing more yarn in this color is out of the question, because it's from knitpicks and I know for a fact that they don't have any more in the dye lot; last I checked they were out of the color temporarily and receiving more on March 26, so, yeah, I don't imagine it could possibly be the same dye lot. meh.
  2. Choose another color and add some stripes. If I do this, I can be sure I won't run out of yarn. The question, then, is this: what color? The top is cute, but with stripes or a stripe, it's probably going to end up looking like some crappy old navy shirt or something—you know what I mean. Those shirts with a stripe that are in all those stores. *sigh*
  3. Choose another color and make the top half of the shirt a different color than the bottom half. Again, what color? If I pick a contrasting color, like Yarrow, it'll look like an easter egg. I think my only option is black. The grey color they have (slate) looks weird with this purpley-blue which, by the way, is NOT cornflower blue. I know cornflower blue and this ain't it. This is periwinkle or something. I should've bought the Pool color. Oh well.
  4. Other options?

Got any bright ideas? What sucks is that adding another color of yarn is pretty much going to destroy the whole bow thing.

OK, I'll stop babbling about yarn for now. I've killed a good twenty minutes.


heatherfeather said...

i really think that you could probably frog it and knit a medium - k2p2 is so stretchy, and that's a sweater that would probably look good with negative ease (the sizecloser to your circumfrence directly underneath your armpits, not your bust).

also silk, even in blends is stretchyyyyyyyy. so if you do the med, it's more likely to show how hott you are, and enable you to have enough yarn without doing and old knitvy type of shirty. :)

littlegoat said...

Hmmm. I'm considerably larger than the last time you saw me, but you may be right.

It's worth it, I think. I'm not too far in yet and I'm really not digging the idea of this shirt as stripey.

It just looks so--small! I guess it's going to get bigger and all.

You are a wise panda. (:

English Professor said...

Hi, littlegoat. Thanks for your suggestions at my site, and sorry that Haloscan is so stingy with its space. You love Vonnegut and Heller--I like you already. I own _Jarhead_ but haven't had time to read it.

Come back anytime!