Sunday, April 16, 2006

Circus Freaks

So, I just got home from the Cirque du Soleil show, Delirium. It was awesome as soon as I stopped trying to figure out what the hell was going on (there was clearly a plot, it was just a plot I couldn't follow). About three or four songs in, I decided that trying to keep track of the story was taking away from my experience, so I just forgot about doing that.

There was this unreal hula-hoop chick who did things I was not aware were possible with a simple hoop (or 10).

There were these four bald men in silver underwear who balanced on top of one another and did fancy cheerleader flips; but, the flips were better than cheerleders have ever done. You know when they fling the chick up in the air, she does a flip, then they basket catch her? Yeah, well these dudes were doing flips like that, but the flipper was landing on either his hands or his feet. Not impressed yet? He landed on the arms of two of the other guys; these arms were at 45 degree angles, yet they were supporting not only the weight of a man, but the weight of a falling man. And, when he landed, their arms did not move toward the ground--not an inch (or centimetre, probably, to Canadian Frenchies).

It was wicked-cool. You should go if you can. The lucky thing for me is that I went for free. muhahahahaha.

Heather, I kept pretending the singing ladies were you, because I remember you talking about wanting to sing for them, a long, long time ago.

The light show! I forgot about that part. It was incredible. They had these screens that were bigger than Imax screens, and they had moving screens. Stuff projected EVERYWHERE.

Very cool.

Biggest and heaviest show they've done at our Civic Center, yet. Heavier than Cher, and that was one helluva show. Yay! The building didn't fall down!

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heatherfeather said...

of the possible jobs in showbiz i'd ever want, singing for cirque du soleil is indeed one.

the other is selecting music for movies and (good) tv shows.