Sunday, April 16, 2006


  1. Do you think word verification is, like, really, really hard for dyslexic people? I'm pretty good with words and letters, and sometimes I fuck it up.
  2. I saw a very fat homeless (I think) man on Friday. What's up with that? My intuition tells me that homeless folks are generally skinny--you know, scrounging for food and all that. This guy was a big'un. Sorry if this is politically incorrect. *shrug*
  3. There are people who know how to cooperate with other drivers when they are sharing the road and people whose primary goal out there is to get ahead of everyone else. There are people who will get in that lane that they know is about to end right after we cross the stoplight, then incosiderately attempt to merge in front of you, nearly hitting your car and not once making eye contact with you. It all works out so much better when we look at one another out there--right in the eyes--and signal one another. It's hard enough to understand your close friends and lovers; how about a little communication among drivers? Is that too much to ask?


Monstee said...

1. No. Most forms of dyslexia am really pattern recognition problems rather than letter recognition. They see letters, but not in any pattern that makes a word. Now KNOWING letters am random and jumbled, everything am OK and it no more problem as with normal people. NOW, verification AM a big problem with illiterate people, but what the hell they doing blogging anyway?

2. Yes, you am being VERY PI! But who cares. Truth am, skinny homeless am usually drunks and junkies who spend all they money on stuff other than food and most "clean" homeless who DO scrounge for food do so at places where you can find the most food in one dumpster. Places like fast food or pizza restaurants and bakeries are good. Me use to help a homeless lady in Chicago who ALWAYS had over 40 doughnuts in her cart at any given time. They were always a couple days old and she was a hefty gal.

3. No, it not too much to ask! Problem am, look at what people you am asking. Good luck with that.

littlegoat said...

Yeah, I guess the food you get out of a dumpster is usually the higher-fat-content stuff.

When I worked at a pizza delivery place, we fed homeless dudes all the time; we always had something that was the wrong order or the people didn't pick it up. I always wished I had something a little more nutritious than what we had to offer, but, ya know, I'd rather feed fatty food to a homeless dude than throw it away.

Monstee said...

we always had something that was the wrong order or the people didn't pick it up.

Homeless tip on getting food #5, call in big order for pick up just before place closes and you get hot meal at the dumpster. If you want to eat earlier than that, call in pick up order with strange toppings such as pinapple/anchovie, peper/olive, extra extra onion. Use a pay phone in case they call back to confirm strange order. You call them back in an hour and tell them never mind. Wait by dumpster and get meal within 10 minutes.